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February 2021 Metallograph Heaters

Did you know Metallograph Tech simplifies the design and production of custom printed electric flexible heaters? These heaters, made by transfer printing Metallograph® conductive ribbon onto polymide or heat stabilized polyester, are flexible,…Read More


January 2021 Green RFID
The return of clean air and blue skies around the world, from COVID-19 induced restrictions on traffic, shows that even in the short term, man can visibly improve the environment. RAIN RFID is probably our most immediate opportunity, because improving supply chain and controlling inventory make real changes. Read more…

December 2020 RAIN RFID Performance Equivalence 

Only a very few flexible conductive prints are not directly connected to another electronic circuit or object.  For everything else, electrons have to pass from one conductor to another.  Here are examples we have demonstrated: Read More

February 2020 Hot Stamping Analogue Printing 

Hot stamping is the analogue technology to digital thermal transfer –
a variant of the Metallograph® ribbon is manufactured and proven for this process. …Read More 

January 2020 Small Roll Substrates

...At Metallograph Tech we are committed to having small rolls in limited quantities for our existing and new Metallograph® users investigating changes, developing new products, and conducting research, for as long as you need us to!  … Read More 

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