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Here at Metallograph Tech we are excited about doing our part in becoming more green and sustainable this year and sharing it all with you.
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We are earth lovers here at Metallograph Tech. We love to hike, sail, garden and travel. 

So we decided to start 2021 off with a green focus, taking a look at our company and where it supports the earth and where we can improve and support others to join in with this renewed greening conversation. 

At first glance metallograph’s printing of RFID tags is a green win on several accounts. 

Firstly Adopting RFID for supply chain management and inventory control is by itself a substantial eco-friendly activity with measurable results. 

As Avalon, partner of Zebra Technology and Printers, quite clearly states in their article on Green RFID Warehouses.


  • Manage inventory to prevent overstocking – A common issue in the retail industry, overproduction can lead to wastefulness and product depreciation. By managing processed goods in real-time, companies can regulate assembly speed to match the market demand. 
  • Minimize unnecessary and inefficient transportation labor – Inaccurate orders require labor and money to rectify. RFID readers can verify loaded shipments to prevent unnecessary truck deliveries and additional CO2 emissions.
  • Implement additional policies with greater visibility – Since RFID technology can provide a full overview of warehouse activity, gathered intelligence can be used to pinpoint bottlenecks, extraneous energy usage, and wasted storage space.
  • Check out the rest of their article at sustainable warehouses:


Secondly the on going wake up call.


 We have the power now to use less and less plastic in creativing RFID tags. The plastic conundrum world wide impacts the health of the earth, the air and the water. Recently our webmaster, marketing strategist and office manager just returned from 10 months in south east Asia where in many locations plastic can be seen throughout the beaches and streets.

 It was a wake up call. Covid has been a wake up call for all of us in different ways. But on a global scale we are seeing our impact on the planet during covid by the way our human hibernation supports better air and water quality.  Covid quarantine has shifted human impact on the earth, air and water just by the sheer numbers of people out and about going down. 

Worldwide spread of COVID-19 in a quite short time has brought a dramatic decrease in industrial activities, road traffic and tourism. Restricted human interaction with nature during this crisis time has appeared as a blessing for nature and environment. Reports from all over the world are indicating that after the outbreak of COVID-19, environmental conditions including air quality and water quality in rivers are improving and wildlife is blooming. “ – PMC

2021 seems like a great year to run further with the head start 2020 Covid-19 gave us in supporting the clean up of the earth. 

So how can we in the printed electronics business contribute? 

Well, as we all know the printed electronics world is changing fast. Part of these changes in the last several years is the capacity to create flexible electronics and now the ways we can print printed electronics on paper substrate could make a pretty big contribution to turning 2021 into a green year. 



Back in 2018 IDTechEx predicted 16.4 billion tags would be made, 2 billion more than the previous year.  The traditional plastic and ink materials that make up RFID tags can take hundreds of years to decompose. Now new environmentally friendly alternatives increase worldwide every year.  With the new  innovation of Metallograph Thermal Conductive Ribbon and FSC approved paper substrates we are able to create  RFID tags that are greener and more earth friendly than ever. 

Here at Metallograph.Tech we want to help printed electronics be as green as possible. 

Now we are aware some applications can not always use these new green resources but there are many ways we can. Making little shifts in our business operations can make a big impact. Metallograph thermal ribbon alone supports the green mission in replacing the need for messy toxic long drying time conductive inks. Metallograph is fast, easy and more cost effective than its predecessors. It acts like nano technology but is easier to produce and use. 

Now environmentally, plastic is just one piece of the problem. 

Using paper can also cause some environmental issues when we support companies who are clear cutting ancient forests and disturbing ecosystems. That’s why at Metallograph Tech when we invite you to whittle down your plastic usage with paper.

We suggest FSC certification paper companies that ensure their products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.  We endeavour to use and recommend only these FSC certified papers and paperboards. Many of the biggest, most iconic global brands have announced ambitious sustainability targets for their packaging materials.Here is a link to the FSC data base to find companies committed to these values. 

 FSC certified companies

We know that many companies would like to become more green and it’s often a matter time and of convenience, so we are dedicating this year to helping you learn more about transitioning to engaging more green RFID and printed electronics where possible and helping you make the connections, get the supplies and get set up efficiently and conveniently.

For your sustainability initiatives we are dedicating 2021 to help our industry move away from non-sustainable ecologically damaging practices, through transfer printing, and distributed manufacturing.  Let us help you get started with the technology and make the connections throughout the supplier base.


This is a new exciting wing of our consulting services. Join us in 2021 in making the GREEN shift and supporting printed electronics and RFID in becoming less of the problem and more of the answer in the earth’s regeneration process that is at the forefront of supporting the continuation of life on earth. 

We thank UPM Raflatac for its support with tag and paper label stock for our demonstrations and trials.

 Green RFID takes working with conscious paper making and staying up on the latest recycling technology. Metallograph Tech is dedicated to being as sustainable as we can be with using the best source of paper possible. This video helps us all learn about what goes into recycling paper. Printable electronics with Metallograph ribbons breakdown easily with paper in the recycle process. 



We are happy to help you become more sustainable. 

Use FCS Green Substrate companies.

Meet our partners UMP Raflatac. They are leading the way to a more sustainable printed electronic future with FSC certification.

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