Roll of Metallograph ribbon antenna samples


At Metallograph Tech we offer a variety of services to help you be successful when you use Metallograph® ribbons for your printed electronics. 

Make use of our free FPE technical support and sample program, or schedule a specialized consulting session to guide you from idea to production.

When you utilize our industry expertise and essential product knowledge your experience becomes easy and efficient so your projects are cost effective and functional.

Read on to learn more about which service best suits your production needs.



Consulting picks up where tech. service leaves off.

Meet Dene Taylor our expert Metallograph® consultant. He will help you problem solve your printable electronic ideas and become confident in your next steps. He takes your flexible electronic ideas and turns them into functional products, step by step with you.

With Metallograph Tech Consulting you get cost effective products and process




solutions that can be implemented with ease.

Take the next steps with Metallograph Technology.

– Convert designs into prototypes

– Requirements into process

– Product development

– Assembly supply train

– Simpler constructions and laminations



Metallograph® Rolls

Small Volume

Purchase smaller rolls for research and prototypes.

Production Printing

Buying rolls in bulk for in house print set up to have as a printable electronic print service for your customers.


Stock Metallograph to sell with
your print systems.

Pay For Print

Send us your design and specifications and we will print for you.

At Metallograph® Tech we like to help people get creative. We encourage you to create your own designs for your projects. We will print your files to commercial stand - ards on your choice of substrates . 

This will get you through the early development stages quickly and reliably.

We preflight and proof your files to ensure printability and electrical connectivity.

- Contact us to receive a free estimate.

Fill out our sample request form to help you get started.

Integrate Metallograph® into your products

and production systems.

Offer your own Metallograph Pay for Print Service.
Metallograph Tech is the global distributor for Metallograph products. Metallograph ribbon can be bought from us or our dealers.
The advantage of buying from us is that we are industry experts on Metallograph thermal ribbons, especially for novel complicated applications and cutting edge research.
Our dealers specialize in their advanced print systems and supply qualified high performance substrates that you will need for printed electronics.

Currently our dealers can support you in North America and Europe.
Contact us directly if you are inquiring from outside these zones.

- Lets get started

- Email a specialist 

- Check out our dealers

Free Sample Program

We have a free sample program. It is a great way to see what is possible and begin the conversation with us about your needs. A distinct feature of our Sample program is printing from your unique design files so you can see firsthand how Metallograph can support your printable electronic inquires and business.

Our Webinars and Trainings

Although MetallographⓇ printing by thermal transfer is relatively simple, to help you get started quickly we strongly recommend training from us about Metallograph, and your printer supplier about the machine operation. (This is essential if you purchase a Gerber Edge or QLS 4100 Xe.) For Zebra and similar printers, there are printing instruction videos online.

For most rapid learning, we can do custom training via interactive webinar, or we can arrange for an instructor to visit. The extent of the training will be customized to meet your specific needs. Rates are typical for the industry.

For your convenience, we expect to offer training sessions prior to industry events we are attending.

We have an easy request form you can use to customize your training.

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